Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their day.  Some people love this day, some people hate it.  I think that no matter whether you're single, married or in relationship of sorts, there is a little love for everyone on Valentines Day.  I for one, found love in the most unusual of places this morning.  I walked into my local thrift shop and there on the shelf sat this adorable and the most original of teapots I had a chance to get my hands on.  It was a love at first sight, I grabbed it and there was no letting go.

Now is evening and I'm sitting here, sipping on my Darjeeling with lavender and a splash of milk.  My lovely teapot is sitting over a candle warmer.  I've had my share of food and chocolate for today and now this tea is all I really need and want.  It's really that simple...

Love and blessings to all!!!

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