Thursday, January 23, 2014

New acquisitions and back from hiatus

Although I never stopped drinking tea I did stop posting about it in my tea blog and that's simply terrible.

Lately I've been missing it quite a bit and decided it was time for resurrection.

I'll start with some new teaware acquisitions that happened couple of weeks ago.  Visiting local antique and thrift shops is one of my favourite things to do.  You simply never know what you'll find there.

When I saw this Skye McGhie teapot I was instantly in love.  I couldn't explain it because I'm not so much into florals but I guess there are florals that do appeal to me.  This teapot is small, maybe 14-16 oz and sits on top of a matching teacup.  I just love how the entire teapot is covered in design and color.

Most of all, I almost squealed with joy when I noticed the little dots on the handles.  I'm a polka dot fanatic, love everything with polka dots on it and finding these dots on the teapot that I already liked so much was added bonus.  This teapot has now become my favourite one.

I don't really have a good creamer, only one that's pretty big.  I was really happy when I saw these little cuties.  The creamer stands only 2 inches (5 cm) in height.  My own little personal creamer.

I love this Teaopia brand teapot and a cup for one, its red and yellow colours and the overall design.  It's even equipped with a little metal mesh strainer, as well as built in strainer in the spout.  I was very sad to find out when I got home though that the built in strainer is certainly missing some holes because the flow is way to slow and it results in beyond messy pour.  There are only 3 small holes but certainly enough space for a fourth one.  Is this a faulty teapot? Maybe... Certainly a first teapot that I got that can't pour tea.  For now it will decorate my dining room hatch and I can still use the teacup.